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Opinion AFL - Aussie Rules

Discussion in 'AFL' started by IanS, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. IanS

    IanS Guest

    Any other fans?

    Along with my overseas Warriors membership, I'm also a Collingwood member too and my son plays down here in Melbourne, although I've taught him to appreciate all sports.

    I'm off to the MCG tomorrow for what should be a terrific game and one of the most talked about in a long time. I'm hoping we can win as I think we have the better side, but it will be close.
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  2. Hey Ian, good to see you here mate. Would you guys like to see a dedicated AFL sub forum?
  3. Go the Swanns by the way :D
  4. S J

    S J Guest

  5. S J

    S J Guest

    AFL 06/04/2013, Starts 02:10PM Bulldogs vs Fremantle Etihad Stadium
    AFL 06/04/2013, Starts 04:40PM Brisbane vs Adelaide Gabba
    AFL 06/04/2013, Starts 07:40PM Port Adelaide vs Greater Western Sydney AAMI Stadium
    AFL 06/04/2013, Starts 07:40PM Essendon vs Melbourne Melbourne Cricket Ground
    AFL 07/04/2013, Starts 01:10PM Geelong vs North Melbourne Etihad Stadium
    AFL 07/04/2013, Starts 03:20PM Collingwood vs Carlton Melbourne Cricket Ground
    AFL 07/04/2013, Starts 04:40PM West Coast vs Hawthorn Patersons Stadium

    Read more: http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/fixtures#ixzz2PeNBv1vH
  6. S J

    S J Guest

    I like it. Not a great fan or that knowledgeable - but will watch it. Have been to the G to see Blues v Pies play.

    Tend to support the Pies !

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  7. S J

    S J Guest

    Bulldogs 78 vs Fremantle 106
  8. H

    H Guest

    Not really an AFL fan but it's good when the Lions win.
  9. IanS

    IanS Guest

    Happy to leave it like this for now and see how things go.

    Melbourne thrashed tonight by Essendon. 148 points.
  10. S J

    S J Guest

    AFL 06/04 Port Adelaide 19.20 (134) vs Greater Western Sydney 11.12 (78) AAMI Stadium
    AFL 06/04 Essendon 28.16 (184) vs Melbourne 5.6 (36) Melbourne Cricket Ground
    AFL 06/04 Brisbane 10.17 (77) vs Adelaide 14.12 (96) Gabba
    AFL 06/04 Bulldogs 11.12 (78) vs Fremantle 16.10 (106) Etihad Stadium
    AFL 06/04 Sydney 17.12 (114) vs Gold Coast 11.7 (73) SCG
    AFL 05/04 St Kilda 12.10 (82) vs Richmond 14.15 (99) Melbourne Cricket Ground

    Read more: http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/results#ixzz2PiiNFTlD
  11. Is that Gold Coast team still struggling to attack supports? I remember seeing pictures of the stadium when they were playing and it looked almost empty.
  12. S J

    S J Guest

    Once they start/keep winning it'll fill up.

    They would have filled it for the NAB Cup Final - but it went to Melbourne. Brisbane played and beat Carlton. Should have been played in Qld.
  13. marcus1979

    marcus1979 Guest

    last night was great to be a Bombers fan :)

    we kicked the last 14 goals of the match and only conceded 1 behind in that period :clap:
  14. What was the score?
  15. marcus1979

    marcus1979 Guest

    28.16.184 (ESS) def 5.6.36 (MEL)
  16. I don't know much about the AFL but that looks like a massive pasting.
  17. marcus1979

    marcus1979 Guest

    just to break it down a bit

    ESS - 6.2
    MEL - 2.1

    ESS - 7.4
    MEL - 2.4

    ESS - 8.5
    MEL - 1.0

    ESS - 7.5
    MEL - 0.1
  18. marcus1979

    marcus1979 Guest

    it was Melbournes biggest loss ever at MCG, it was essendons biggest win over Melbourne, it was top 3 of essendons highest scores ever.

    It was a night of records a margin of 148 pts
  19. IanS

    IanS Guest

    Great win for the Pies today. Snuck away in the last bit. Given what we've got to come back into the side, I'm very happy.
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  20. Magpies are your team Ian?

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